Art Instructions

General Guidelines

We accept documents created in Illustrator CS2, QuarkExpress 6.5, InDesign CS2, PageMaker 6.5, Freehand 10, Photoshop CS2, Corel Draw, and all earlier versions of the programs listed above. QuarkXpress and Illustrator may be sent as native files (be sure to include placed images and fonts) other applications should export files to EPS (preferred) or PDF. A TIFF or JPEG files may also be sent, though these generally are not advised unless you are certain of how to correctly separate colors for Postscript output. Do not send 4 color TIFF or JPEG images.


BCEX prints spot color only. Four color separations will delay your order. Any TIFF, JPEG or other linked bitmap image should be grayscale. All single color orders should be saved as black. Multiple color orders can be saved as Pantone® spot colors, or using Process Colors to represent the actual color that will print. To do this, the primary color will be black, the second color is magenta, the third color is cyan, and the fourth color is yellow. An example of a business card saved as process colors is show below. To screen your color simply adjust the percentage of the color, eg. Black and Red order would be saved as black and magenta only, if the Red was to be a 40% screen, adjust the magenta percentage to 40.

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